SentioAI Continuous Active Learning classification technology is now part of Relativity App Hub.

Sentio Software, LLC is pleased to announce that SentioAI software is now part of the Relativity App Hub, which includes applications and products that extend the functionality of Relativity.

Using Sentio’s proprietary workflow, SentioAI lets users train a software model by reviewing and tagging only a small portion of the data set, and then apply the trained model to automatically generate predictive results for the remaining documents. Using SentioAI CAL capabilities, Relativity customers can significantly simplify the review process and reduce cost for data sets of any size.

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Sentio Software, a leading firm which provides the next generation of Continuous Active Learning (CAL) Predictive Analytics technology, is pleased to announce the completion of the integration of SentioAI and Sentio Maestro products with Relativity's eDiscovery solution.

Relativity is a well adopted review platform and we expect that the integration with Sentio Software Predictive Analytics will help Relativity users realize the power of Continuous Active Learning functionality by increasing the accuracy of the review as well as reducing the time and cost of the review process.

Sentio Software announces the release of multiple language support.

Sentio Software is pleased to announce that the Sentio suite of products now works with documents in Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages. The software can identify languages and process documents with each document containing texts in multiple supported languages. This capability allows Sentio users to quickly classify and review large quantities of multi-language documents with the same speed and accuracy of English only data sets.